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OCP 8i DBA Certification Exam

OCP 8i DBA Certification: Introduction

Currently Oracle DBA track is available for 2 versions of Oracle: 8i and 9i. Both Oracle 8i and Oracle 9i are equally popular in the industry. So choosing the track depends mainly on your personal preference and work requirements.

Oracle has officially announced the retirement of Oracle8i DBA OCP track on December 31, 2004. The aspirants preparing for the same will have to complete the required core Oracle8i DBA exams in this track by December 31, 2004. Those who would have acquired this certification by then will continue to retain their credential even after the track expires. The retirement of exams included in this track will not apply to the other Oracle certifications in which they appear.

If you are planning to go for 9i track, you have an option of taking the Oracle 8i track first and than take the upgrade exam for 9i certification, or directly go for 9i certification track. Choosing the first option helps you get around Oracle's mandatory training for 9i since OCPs in 8i are exempted from that requirement.

OCP 8i DBA Certification Exam

The OCP 8i DBA Certification Exam have the number of exam papers.There are free sets for practice exams.So Click on the Go For Test link for Free online exams.
Exam Name Test Papers Go For Test No. Of Questions Time Allowed
Exam 1Z0-001 19 20:00 min
20 20:00 min
20 20:00 min
Exam 1Z0-023 20 20:00 min
30 30:00 min
Exam1Z0-024 15 15:00 min
Exam1Z0-025 22 20:00 min
Exam 1Z0-026 15 15:00 min
15 15:00 min
Note: Click on the for free online exams.

Benefits of OCP 8i DBA Certification
  • Acquiring Oracle DBA Certification gives you credibility and an upper hand in the job market.
  • Most business organizations use Oracle databases, hence there is a widespread demand for DBAs
Oracle 8i DBA Path Details

Option 1: If you have not taken any of the Oracle tests till now, you need to clear the following exams:
  • Exam #1Z0-001 Introduction to Oracle: SQL and PL/SQL OR
  • Exam #1Z0-007 Introduction to Oracle9i: SQL
  • Exam #1Z0-023 Oracle 8i: Architecture and Administration
  • Exam #1Z0-025 Oracle 8i: Backup and Recovery
  • Exam #1Z0-024 Oracle 8i: Performance Tuning
  • Exam #1Z0-026 Oracle 8i: Network Administration

Option 2: If you are DBA on Oracle 8 and want to upgrade to oracle 8i, you need to clear the following exam:
  • Exam #1Z0-020 Oracle8i: New Features for Administrators

Option 3: If you are DBA on Oracle 7.3 and want to upgrade to oracle 8i, you need to clear the following exam:
  • Upgrade Exam: Oracle 8 to Oracle 8i OCP DBA Oracle8i: New Features for Administrators (#1Z0-020)
  • Upgrade Exam: Oracle 7.3 to Oracle 8 OCP DBA Oracle8: New Features for Administrators (#1Z0-010)
Exam Information for DBA Track

Exam No No. Of Question Passing% Time Limit Exam Fee
1Z0-001 57 68 120 minutes USD 125
1Z0-007 57 70 120 minutes USD 90
1Z0-031 60 73 90 minutes USD 125
1Z0-032 63 77 90 minutes USD 125
1Z0-033 59 64 90 minutes USD 125
1Z0-030 53 70 90 minutes USD 125

A DBA can do the following
  • DBA ensures that the data is available only to the authorized users.
  • DBA has complete jurisdiction over the organization's database.
  • DBA is responsible for designing and maintaining an organization's database.
How to prepare for OCP DBA Certification

You have identified your goal and are ready to prepare yourself for this highly Specialized OCP Certification Exam. You want to score high, the course is large and the time is less.


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