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Oracle certification

Oracle certifications

Oracle started in 1977 with an aim of building a new type of database called relational database. Ever since, oracle has launched various versions of its database. just to give you a brief idea of the rate at which oracle launches new products, here are some important dates:

  • 1997: Oracle 8 released to support network computing
  • 1999: Oracle 8i released to support applications on internet platform
  • 2001: Oracle 9i released with key enhancements in speed, reliability, and new features like real application clusters
Currently, oracle provides a series of products including a database and an application server to develop and deploy j2ee applications. Since most organizations use oracle databases, there is a huge demand for oracle database administrators as well as application developers.

Oracle products
Ocp 8i dba track
Ocp 9i dba track
Ocp developer track

Why oracle certification

Oracle certification brings a higher standard of benchmarked skills and abilities, which leads to greater opportunities and higher pay packages. According to information week magazine, "oracle is the #1 skill sought by it managers, and is the hardest to find."
A research conducted by international data corporation revealed the following:

  • Ocp certified professionals handled 40% more support calls, and their employers have reported 49% less system downtime.
  • For the majority of companies surveyed, the savings from increased effectiveness paid the costs of certification in fewer than 9 months.
  • Respondents with specialization in database administration had an average annual salary of $70,590.
  • 70% said that being certified earns them more respect from mangers and peers.
  • 64% said certification has improved their problem solving skills
  • 61% have seen a greater demand for their skills since becoming certified.
  • And 60% believe certification has contributed to increased productivity.

Types of oracle certification

Based on the job profiles of people working on oracle technologies, oracle has identified the following certification tracks:
  • Application developer
  • Database administrator (dba)
Which oracle certification track should you seek?

Database administrator:
Database administrators are responsible for administrative activities like installing database, taking backups, managing and fine-tuning performance over the network, and data recovery. they have the knowledge of basic architecture of the oracle database. Visit oracle dba certification track page to gain detailed information about the exam, its details, types of questions, and how to prepare for the exam, if you are interested in taking the ocp-dba certification.

Application developer:
Application developers are responsible for developing applications on oracle. They should have a good knowledge of sql, pl/sql, and developing internet applications using form builder and report builder. Visit oracle application developer certification track page to gain detailed information about the exam, its details, types of questions, and how to prepare for the exam, if you are interested in taking the ocp developer certification.

What to do for oracle certification

You have identified your goal and are ready to prepare yourself for this highly specialized oracle certification exam. You want to score high, the course is large and the time is less.


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